What is tunnel mode?

Once tunnel mode is turned on, the WebShuttle creates a secure encrypted tunnel between the client and the tunnel node. In tunnel mode, a user’s HTTP request is forwarded from the tunnel node to the target site via an encrypted tunnel. User data is encrypted during transmission in the tunnel to ensure privacy and data security.

Why we need a tunnel model?

  1. Tunneling mode helps us to hide our real IP addresses and prevent them from being tracked, thus enabling truly anonymous access.

  2. The transmission of data in the tunnel is encrypted, which effectively prevents data from being hijacked, tampered with and listened to during transmission.

  3. We provide multiple tunnel nodes located around the world that can help you break through regionally restricted network requests.

What are the application scenarios of tunnel mode?

  1. I want to access some web services by being anonymous and don’t want to expose the real IP address.

  2. My network environment is potentially risky and I want to keep my data safe. For example, when you use wifi in public places to access the Internet, you may be at risk of network hijacking, theft of personal information and data tampering.

  3. For some reason some network resources are restricted from access in my area, and encrypted tunnels can help you break the blockade.

  4. I would like to access some network resources abroad, but these network resources are only available to users in the local area. At this point we can choose the appropriate tunnel node to break the limit.

  5. When I access some network resources I find the speed very slow, by selecting some tunnel nodes may have a network acceleration effect.

What’s the difference between tunnel mode and VPN?

VPN is a fundamental network protocol that operates at the link layer or network layer, and it takes over the network layer traffic of your operating system. This means that the VPN acquires higher permissions in the operating system, allowing it to monitor all network requests of the system. In other words, the network traffic of all app will be managed by the VPN. Therefore, VPNs are often also used for network firewall app

The WebShuttle tunnel mode operates at the application layer, and the WebShuttle can only access network requests flowing through the current browser for encryption and forwarding, without affecting the network requests of other applications. If you are more concerned about your data privacy, the tunnel mode of the WebShuttle is undoubtedly a better choice

I purchased a VIP package, can I still get my VIP package back if I uninstall and reinstall the software?

WebShuttle reads your VIP purchases through your GooglePlay account, so as long as your GooglePlay-bound account stays the same, your VIP won’t disappear.